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Meet lifelong learner Tammy

Meet Tammy, Mine Production Controller and Crew Trainer at our Rocky’s Rewards operations in Western Australia.

Tammy’s flexible and adaptive approach to life’s opportunities and challenges has seen her career progress in the mining industry, 26 years after completing her hairdresser qualifications.
In 2015, after helping run a family business and raising her children, Tammy seized the opportunity to enter the mining industry.
Starting as a trainee Komatsu 785 dump truck operator, she quickly developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the mining industry, its equipment, and the importance of safety and training.
In 2016, Tammy joined the Thiess team as a dump truck operator at Rocky’s Reward and proved herself to be a skilled operator and mentor to new team members.
With less than five years of industry experience and a desire for personal growth, Tammy progressed quickly, embracing every opportunity to develop her knowledge and experience.
Today, she is a mine production controller and crew trainer responsible for overseeing the execution of the daily mine plan, controlling the equipment circuits, operating fleet management systems and overseeing more than 300 hours of new to industry operator training.
A champion of continuous improvement, Tammy has improved the training process to achieve the highest production outcomes. Her focus and attention to detail has resulted in improved safety outcomes, optimised production and increased supervisor efficiency.
Team of the best
One of Tammy’s greatest achievements is her ability to inspire and motivate others. She is a role model and advocate for women in the mining industry, resulting in several achievements, including:

- Sponsored by Thiess to participate in the WIMWA Mentoring Program. Tammy says this has been a professional highlight, allowing her to set goals for her future career progression.
- She was invited to be an MC at the Leinster WIMWA sundowner where she shared her story on how she started in the mining industry.
- More recently, she was nominated for the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) Women in Resources Awards for her role as an Outstanding Operator/Technician/Trade Woman.

With all these achievements under her belt Tammy still manages to take time out to prioritise her work-life balance.
On her days off, Tammy spends most of her time on the white sandy beaches of Greenhead with her family.
However, it isn’t all R&R for Tammy, after joining the voluntary St John Ambulance association in Greenhead.
“It’s all about giving back to your loved ones and the community.”
We can’t wait to see what Tammy achieves next!