We work closely with our suppliers to ensure a consistent standard across our operations. Our relationships extend from international through to small, local operators.

This gives us the flexibility to match supplier solutions to the specific needs of our clients, generating employment opportunities and providing economic benefits at all levels of the community.

Suppliers and subcontractors who emphasise safe, efficient and innovative practices are strategically important to the success of our operations. We engage like-minded businesses who share our commitment to safety, sustainability and diversity and who work to a code of conduct in line with our shared Group Principles of Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery, all underpinned by safety.

A fair and competitive marketplace is essential to protecting industry, clients, and customers. We are committed to providing a fair evaluation and selection process that is applied consistently to all prospective suppliers.

#Supplier use of Thiess' brand

Use of Thiess’ name, logo or any other associated trademarks is not permitted except as required by law or otherwise permitted by a contract or approval. All requests to use the logo, trademarks or Thiess' name in a public forum or in publicly available communication materials needs to be made in writing to Consent should not be assumed and will only be granted in writing.