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Thiess collaborates with Caterpillar on industry-leading Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) training

Global mining services provider Thiess recently participated in Caterpillar’s industry-leading training program, the Cat® MineStarTM Command for Hauling Sim School.

Thiess is the first mining services provider to participate in the MineStar Command for Hauling Sim School training, which was delivered in-house at Thiess’s global head office in Brisbane, Queensland.

Caterpillar’s cutting-edge autonomous haulage training uses Cat® simulation technology to coach and develop users of MineStar software by allowing them to get hands-on system training in a controlled and safe virtual environment.

Thiess Group Executive Transformation, People & Communication Shameelta Pratap said: “Thiess recognises that the continual development and upskilling of our people is instrumental to our success as a leader in autonomous mining services.

“To date, Thiess has invested in autonomous mining systems training for more than 500 employees.”

Thiess Head of Autonomy & Operations Technology Trent Smith said: “We were pleased to have participated in Caterpillar’s Sim School learning programs – the first was for our experienced Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) Controllers and Builders, and the second program was to assist in upskilling our staffed MineStar Fleet Controllers and Pit Technicians into AHS Controllers and Builders.”

Sean McGinnis, Vice President and General Manager of Technology and Global Sales Support at Caterpillar said: “Caterpillar was pleased to deliver Sim School training to Thiess. Preparing customers to enable successful autonomous haulage operations on-site is very important. This simulation environment supports free-flowing collaboration and hands-on learning, resulting in a better experience for all participants.”

Thiess collaborates with Caterpillar on industry-leading Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) training