Perusahaan Kami

Perusahaan, investasi, dan kemitraan Thiess menghubungkan klien dengan layanan spesialis terkemuka yang terintegrasi penuh dengan penawaran layanan inti kami.

Hal ini telah terbukti dan menawarkan kekuatan dan ketelitian tim, sistem, dan proses yang sudah selaras, menciptakan kemampuan yang siap dikerahkan yang memastikan keunggulan dengan pasti.

Perusahaan Kami



MACA is an international contracting group providing services to the mining, infrastructure and construction sector industries. They provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of all their clients and end-users.

Thiess Rehabilitation

Thiess Rehabilitation offers world-leading mine rehabilitation services by miners, who are also environmental experts. This includes progressive mine rehabilitation, mine closure including infrastructure removal, abandoned mines, and contaminated land requirements.


FleetCo is a global dry hire equipment provider. They provide access to comprehensive plant hire and equipment ownership packages and innovative capital replacement solutions within Australia.

RTL Mining and Earthworks

Thiess’ 88 per cent investment, RTL Mining and Earthworks, provides mining, civil construction and heavy earthmoving plant hire services, as well as general and over-dimensional transport services from its base in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia.

#Investasi dan kemitraan

Mine Energy Solutions

Partnered with Mine Energy Solutions (MES) to introduce dual fuel retrofit technology to Thiess’ mining fleet and the industry. Through a phased introduction, the partnership will work to use locally sourced gas to displace diesel in large mining trucks using MES’s currently available and proven technology.


RWE provides Thiess guidance on an as-needs basis across the full suite of in-house mine design, equipment engineering, operations and maintenance services for open-pit continuous mining equipment (CME). They are the only global and vendor-independent full-service provider of CME, backed by their 60 plus years of technical and operational experience.


Our Thiess-AEL partnership offers innovative drill and blasting solutions. AEL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of explosives and initiating systems, developing ground-breaking blasting solutions and offering technical expertise to customise explosives to a mine’s specific conditions. In bringing together a supplier with Thiess, as an end-user, clients are gaining considerable benefits from the team’s end-to-end expertise.

#Perusahaan pemegang saham


Melalui 50 persen pemegang saham kami, CIMIC, Thiess memanfaatkan kemampuan salah satu kontraktor internasional terkemuka dunia, memberi tim kami akses ke layanan pelengkap terbaik di kelasnya.

Grup CIMIC mencakup bisnis konstruksi Kontraktor CPB, termasuk Leighton Asia dan Broad, perusahaan pemrosesan mineral Sedgman, spesialis solusi aset UGL, dan lengan kemitraan publik-swasta Pacific Partnerships - semuanya didukung oleh konsultan teknik internal EIC Activities.