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Thiess celebrates 90 years

On 16 April 1934, the small farming and roadworks company Thiess Bros began operating in rural Australia. Ninety years later, we have grown across seven countries and three continents, with more than 15,000 employees – to be at the forefront of sustainable mining and infrastructure services.

Reflecting on these achievements, Thiess Group Executive Chair and CEO Michael Wright said: “Since 1934, Thiess has remained focussed on delivering great value to our clients, continually improving and evolving, driven by our pioneering spirit to pursue new opportunities across industries and geographies.”

Throughout our 90 years of operations, we have challenged norms, created opportunities from change, and has always moved forward.

Mr Wright said: “In the 1930s, we used innovative thinking and technical skills in earthworks and equipment to build a business; in the 1940s, we worked with the Australian Government and US Army to assist in the war effort, building wartime infrastructure and providing energy for society.

“In the 1950s and 1960s, we helped construct Australia’s nation-building Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric scheme, and played a key role in establishing trade with Japan as we brought Toyota to Australia, and opened up the Bowen Basin for the export of coal to Japan.

“Along the way, we were one of the first Australian companies to go into Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Asia more broadly. Today we continue to grow into new regions, expanding our services and jurisdictions, and positioning Thiess for the future.

“We will continue to transform our business and leverage our founders’ pioneering spirit to innovate sustainable solutions for a brighter tomorrow, for our people, our clients and communities.”

Read more at thiess.com/thiess90

Thiess celebrates 90 years