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Above and beyond - meet Sadewo

Sadewo, Thiess’ Group Purchasing Manager is committed, dedicated and proud of working in Supply Chain at Thiess and has been delivering exceptional outcomes over the past 14 years.

He’s focused on bringing his best work each day and is passionate about diversity and inclusion at Thiess.
“My team works hard to keep our operations moving in the most cost-effective way by ensuring our projects have the right parts and materials when and where they need them,” Sadewo explains.
“It's great to work with different people across our global business - I’m always learning. We all work together as one team towards one goal, regardless of our location, department or function.”
Having started his career as a young graduate, Sadewo has worked hard to progress his career. Today based in Jakarta, he leads a culturally diverse team across Thiess’ global operations.
“I truly believe career success depends on the individual - how much you want to learn, how much do you want to put in, how can you identify ways to improve and how can you channel this to best influence the business through our people. What I love about Thiess is that race, nationality, gender, age or religion doesn’t hold back your career.”
Sadewo enacts Thiess’ diversity and inclusion vision of everyone matters always at work and also in his local community.
“In the area that I live, people voted for me to represent them as their community leader in mid-2017. After I was elected, I saw our community leadership structure had no female representation, although I knew we had some great women in our community who could deliver exceptional results.”
“One of my first decisions was to convince the people who elected me that to develop our community, we needed to harness the knowledge and experience of our entire community, regardless of gender.”
“Now we have females in our community leadership structure. Not only did we focus on greater female representation we had board members from different races and religions helping to build our community.”
Today, Sadewo and his community leadership team are role models to other communities and deliver sustainable community programs including:

- Posyandu - integrated community health services
- Bank Sampah - waste bank recycling initiative
- Jalan and Gowes Bareng - green transportation
- Rumah Literasi - Literacy House
- Apotek Hidup - grow our medicinal herbs

Sadewo is confident these programs couldn’t have been achieved without a diverse and inclusive team.
“I can see Thiess has made significant progress in reinforcing the importance of having a diverse and inclusive culture. There is still work to be done of course but we are always improving and I’m excited to part of this journey.”