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Thiess secures mining services contract for the Anthill Copper Project

Thiess has secured a new contract with Austral Resources to provide mining services at the Anthill Copper Project in Queensland, Australia.

Thiess secures mining services contract for the Anthill Copper Project

This three-year contract will see Thiess firstly assist to develop the mine, and then undertake mining operations at this new copper project in the Mt Isa region.

Thiess Executive Chairman and CEO Michael Wright said: “This contract reflects Thiess’ ability to deliver value for our clients, providing competitive and sustainable mining solutions across a diversified portfolio of projects. We will bring a strong focus on the local community as we mobilise and undertake this exciting new copper project.”

Thiess Executive General Manager Australia Shaun Newberry said: “We’re pleased to be working with Austral Resources to tailor solutions specific to the needs of the Anthill operation.”

“We look forward to contributing our experience, technical expertise and focus on safe, reliable and productive operations to create long term value for our client and the community.”

Thiess is currently hiring for a range of roles including operators and fitters at the Anthill Project. Packages include lifestyle friendly rosters with competitive pay, ongoing training and development opportunities and paid flights from Townsville, Cairns or Brisbane. Visit thiess.com/careers to apply now.