Унших хамгийн бага хугацаа

Experience, collaboration enables safe, rapid Mount Holland mobilisation

Our Thiess team is celebrating the safe and successful mobilisation of crews at Mount Holland, a greenfield lithium mine in Western Australia, while managing the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. 

Experience, collaboration enables safe, rapid Mount Holland mobilisation

With first ore expected in October, our new client, Covalent Lithium, has recognised the team’s professionalism and ability to safely and rapidly mobilise (under Thiess’s health and safety management system) while also managing the added challenges of COVID-19. 

Team of the best

Starting with a cohort of eight, our Mount Holland team has now grown to 60 – drawn from our Western Australia-based pool of experienced and proven crew members.  

Project Manager, Jamie Pringle, said the strong team culture of the group has been crucial to the success of the Mount Holland mobilisation process. 

“It’s been really helpful to have core people come across from our other projects, with trust and accountability already well engrained in the team,” Jamie said. 

“Our safety team worked extremely hard to ensure our health and safety management system was in place before we began mobilising, which means our team has maintained a strong safety record to date, ensuring everyone safe every day,” Jamie said. 

Engaging with the local community 

At Thiess we aspire to be a trusted stakeholder who understands and supports the aspirations of our host communities. To deliver on this commitment we are engaging with local communities and stakeholders over the coming months to see how we can positively contribute to and participate with our local Wheatbelt communities.  

We also take seriously our commitment to reconciliation, and the role we play in operating on country with consent, care and respect. We aim to make a positive impact by working together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in pursuit of their cultural, social and economic aspirations and are actively working with Indigenous and local businesses to identify employment and supply chain participation opportunities.  

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Significant milestones

  • First dirt was moved on 4 February (topsoil)
  • EX1200 digger was assembled on 7 February  
  • EX1900 digger was assembled on 18 February  
  • First blast occurred on 12 April – Thiess is working with Ozland Drilling to deliver drill & blast services.