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Thiess cyclists raise $59,000 for MS

Thiess’ Mt Owen cycling team has raised more than $59,000 for multiple sclerosis as part of the 82 kilometre MS Sydney to the Gong 2018 charity ride.

The team from our Mt Owen operations, known as the Soft Cogs, included Neil Markham, Wayne Bartlett, Brad Cooper, Shane Kowald, Kim Nguyen, Darren Toyne (FleetCo) and Jamie Taylor, who rode from Sydney Wollongong.
Thiess has been a proud supporter of the team and the event for over 10 years. In 13 years, the Soft Cogs team has raised more than $1.2m to support the cause.
This year's event attracted more than 10,000 riders and raised up to $2.8 million dollars to help support people living with multiple sclerosis.
Riding for a reason
Shane Kowald, Maintenance Manager Mt Owen, has been part of the Soft Cogs team and donated the team lycra to help battle this lifelong disease, which has no cure.
“It’s great to continue to see the team come together and raise money to combat this debilitating and often invisible disease,” Shane said.
“No two sufferers of multiple sclerosis experience the same symptoms. Tragically, it’s a condition which can develop at any stage of life, which is why all the Thiess riders feel strongly about continuing to fundraise to research for a cure.”
Kim Nguyen, Mt Owen Mining Manager, said the ride was an important event to the team because they know many people living with MS.
“It’s also important for us from a health perspective as obesity is now the largest contributor of preventable disease, and riding bikes is a great way of incorporating a healthy pastime in our busy lives,” Kim said.
“I also think people should put a little time aside for charitable work as I find it very grounding and very rewarding.”
Help make a difference
More than 25,000 people live with multiple sclerosis in Australia, each with an individual story on how the disease affects them in their daily lives.
To learn more please visit www.msgongride.org.au.