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Thiess celebrates Clontarf Foundation partnership

Thiess has proudly launched a national partnership with the Clontarf Foundation as part of its Australia-wide CARE Program for social investment.

The Clontarf Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men.
The program is targeted at males in high schools from years seven to twelve, with a mentoring program that continues one to two years post year twelve.

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Thiess will work with the Clontarf Foundation providing work experience, traineeships, mentoring and coaching opportunities for the boys.
The partnership was launched at a special event at Thiess’ Component Rebuild Centre in Brisbane where boys from the Foundation enjoyed a tour, learned about career pathways available in mining and spent time with the Thiess team.
Manager – Social Performance Anthea Craig said the team was proud to be partnering with the Clontarf Foundation to support young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men as they achieve their full potential.
“Our relationship with the Clontarf Foundation goes beyond sponsorship,” Anthea said.
“Education is one of the greatest gifts you can give a young person. To be part of that foundation for success and provide opportunities to help shape ongoing futures is at the heart of this partnership.”
“It is a privilege for us to be involved.”
Strategy & Growth Executive General Manager and Reconciliation Action Plan lead Anthony DeDomenico said the relationship with the Clontarf Foundation was one of many initiatives undertaken by Thiess to realise its Reconciliation Action Plan.
“It’s about enabling young people to reach their full potential, and shaping individual, community and industry futures,” Anthony said.
“We also want to provide opportunities for our people to participate in cultural experiences, build their cultural awareness and contribute to an inclusive and diverse workplace.”
Australia and Pacific Executive General Manager Abdul Jarrah agreed.
“We strive to be a business where our people feel safe, respected and valued. A place where everyone matters always,” Abdul said.
He noted the partnership brought other benefits – for Thiess and the community.
“It’s very exciting when we interact with young people. They bring fresh energy, a new perspective on things – they keep us young, and it’s a process of renewal for our business. This is our future and we have to invest in it.”
Clontarf Foundation student Tyler Hook is one student who has thrived during his time with the Foundation and enjoyed visiting the Thiess team.
“Now that I’ve come and seen Thiess I’m really looking to get into the mining side of things but also looking to get into diesel fitting.”
About the Clontarf Foundation

- The Clontarf Foundation operates an educational engagement, behavioural change and life skills programme.
- Clontarf academies are formed in partnership with selected schools and their success is based on the full-time nature of the program and the strength of the relationships between its staff and each Clontarf student.
- It currently supports over 6,000 young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men who are actively involved in mostly secondary education at Clontarf academies and their partnering schools in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and soon to be South Australia.
- The Clontarf Foundation consistently achieves positive results with a year-to-year apparent retention rate of 90 per cent and above, school attendance rates averaging 80 per cent, and 80 per cent of Year 12 leavers remaining in employment or further study/ training after 12 months of finishing school.

Growth opportunities

- This year, the Clontarf Foundation will open 25 new academies across the country.
- It will increase its participant numbers to more than 8,000 students, located in one of the Foundation’s 120 partnering schools.
- This includes almost 700 Year 12 students of whom Clontarf staff will transition into meaningful employment or further study/ training.