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Meet our 2018 Rising Star - Linda Fragomeni

Meet Linda Fragomeni. She is an apprentice auto-electrician at our Curragh Operations and our 2018 Rising Star Apprentice of the Year.

We checked in with Linda to see how she is enjoying her final year of study and find out what’s next in her career.
Have you always been interested in an apprenticeship?
“No, but, I knew I wanted something that would constantly challenge me. I believed that would be a trade but didn’t know precisely what trade. I was attracted to mining because I like the lifestyle and travel. I trusted my recruiter to position me where they thought I would excel, and they’ve clearly picked well.”
What have you enjoyed about your apprenticeship?
“I’ve enjoyed the entire experience. There hasn’t been anything I haven’t liked, and I really felt taken care of the whole way.”
What are your long-term goals for your role with Thiess?
“I want to understand every aspect of the business. I want to remain challenged and am always looking for progression. I welcome the opportunity to give everything a go.”
What do you love about working at Thiess?
“I feel like I have two families, my actual family and my team. I am grateful to have built some solid relationships on site and, I’ve even found my best friend out here. I believe building relationships are vital as you spend six months with your family and then six months with your site team.”
What leadership role do you play in looking out for both men and women while on site?
“I believe that it is important to have someone you trust and feel comfortable to speak with at work. I feel like I have naturally stepped into the leadership role of providing a ‘safe space’ for people at work.”
What is one piece of advice you would give yourself starting as an apprentice? 
“You’re never going to know everything. Don’t compare your peer’s knowledge of the job to your own. You’re continually learning and evolving in your skills and expertise.”
What is one word to describe yourself at the beginning of your apprenticeship and one word to describe you now?
“At the start, I was scared but confident… ‘Fake it till you make it’. I’m not scared anymore, but I am more humble.” 
If you could trade places with someone in your industry for a day, who would it be?
“James Armstrong, Project Manager at Curragh, as it would give me an insight into the whole operation. Currently, I only see a small portion operationally and sometimes it’s hard to understand why certain things are the way they are. I’d also like to gauge just how great the responsibility is and understand how James copes with so much on his plate.”
What are you reading that is inspiring you at the moment?
“I am currently reading a book called The Art of Joy. I like to read those things to remind me to be happier and more positive.”
Who inspires you? 
“Will Wagner from Smith Street band – he’s so true to himself. He was a part of my marriage proposal.”
What are your passions outside of work?
“Music, I love raw, unearthed music and going to local gigs to watch local bands and discover new music. Listening to music has made me understand that other people think like me.”
What is your favourite feel good song?
“Midnight city – M83.”
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