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Indonesia Clean Rivers Project kick-off

Thiess has partnered with the International RiverFoundation (IRF) to contribute towards achieving the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation) in Indonesia’s Kedang Pahu region, near Thiess’ Melak operations.

Co-founded by Thiess two decades ago, the IRF is renowned for bringing together experts to enhance the health and resilience of rivers worldwide. In a pioneering pilot project, Thiess is currently building new toilets and bio septic tanks in three schools in Lambing Village. Beyond infrastructure upgrades, an educational campaign will link sanitation practices to river health, bolstering community awareness. Together with IRF, the long-term vision of this project will focus on a River Clean Up and Resilience Journey.

Everyone is encouraged to explore this impactful partnership and its goals. By uniting with the IRF, Thiess takes a significant step towards addressing the global challenge of clean water and sanitation.

For more details, contact Yohanes Agustian (Thiess) or Dr. Eva Abal (IRF). Join Thiess and the IRF in their mission to create a cleaner and more sustainable world, one river at a time.

Indonesia Clean Rivers Project kick-off