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Generation next: Adam Keys talks life after the graduate program

Meet Adam Keys. He is a Mechanical Engineer at our Mt Pleasant operations in New South Wales. 

Adam has been with Thiess for two years, joining as an engineering graduate and completing three rotations at the Brisbane Head Office, Jellinbah Plains and Mt Thorley. He is now a fully-fledged mechanical engineer at Mt Pleasant.

We had the opportunity to chat with him about his life on and off the graduate program, and how he maintains a work-life balance. 
What did you enjoy about your graduate program experience?
“During the program, I enjoyed being picked up and placed somewhere brand new and adapting to that new lifestyle at a new site and experiencing things I may not have experienced if I stuck around in the city. The people I’ve met and the friendships I have made during the program have also been valuable. In my new role, I am enjoying the variety of tasks and the opportunity to learn. Mt Pleasant has a very supportive group of staff who are passionate about up-skilling it’s people, especially it’s young people.”

What challenges have you faced on and off the graduate program?

“The hardest part of the rotations was living away from my partner, friends and family. The challenges I currently face while off the program are adjusting to the new expectations and workload.”

What’s your favourite thing to do when you have a day off?

“I collect vintage vehicles, I have a beautiful red and white kombi, and we are lucky to have a lot of really nice places to go for a drive in the Hunter. We will get in and go for a drive to Maitland, drive out to the wineries, camp in the back or hang out for the day and go to the beach. I am originally from Byron Bay, so the beautiful picturesque backdrop and green rolling hills of Singleton remind me of home.”

If you had to leave your house in a hurry and not come back, which three items would you take?

“Kombi Van, my partner and my tools, I can’t go anywhere without my tools, they’re always in the car.”

What is your favourite feel good song?

“Freestyler by Bomfunk MC”