Унших хамгийн бага хугацаа

Improving access to water and healthcare in Mongolia

Thiess' community investments continue to provide lasting positive social value in Mongolia.

In 2023, Thiess invested approximately USD$20,700 to support local communities in the Gobi Desert, where the Oyu Tolgoi project is located. Thiess installed 20 pump devices and solar panels to existing borehole water wells in the local Soums (district) providing easier access to water, improving pastureland and water supply conditions. More than 90 herder households and approximately 25,000 heads of livestock and 30,000 hectares of land benefited from the improved water conditions.

The equipment is maintained by the local nomads continuing to provide easy access to water for the owners of the Gobi Desert. Thiess is also committed to supporting health initiatives in Mongolia, given the challenges involved in providing healthcare to vulnerable and nomadic populations in remote areas.

Some of Thiess’ initiatives in 2023 included:
• liaising with Aminbulag Hospital to ensure vulnerable senior citizens from local Soums had access to basic healthcare
• providing beds for the paediatric department and supporting the refurbishment of shower facilities at the Tsogttsetsii Clinic, which serves Tsogttsetsii and neighbouring Soums
• working with Gobi Youth Development Centre NGO and Intermed Hospital to help provide complimentary and comprehensive medical screenings to vulnerable children in Tsogttsetsii Soum.

Improving access to water and healthcare in Mongolia