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Thiess collaborates with Mongolian Association of Sign Language Interpreters

Thiess is working with the Association of Sign Language Interpreters in Mongolia, enabling us to better support our people living and working with hearing impairments and ensure an inclusive workplace.

The interpreters work with our team through the recruitment and induction process, making a positive difference and empowering employees day-to-day. Thiess employee, Khulan Enkhbold, has appreciated having the sign language interpreter present during her hiring process. 

“It was easy to communicate through a sign language interpreter. The questions were clear and easy to understand. The hiring process was smooth and friendly,” said Khulan. 

“I am happy that I am working at Thiess and being supported by my colleagues. Having colleagues who also communicate with sign language is great as I do not feel alone.” 

Human Resources Manager Bolor Baasandorj said the whole team is benefitting. 

“Having a sign language interpreter joining the recruitment process, workshops and training, events, conversations helped our team members get to know each other quickly and find ways of smooth communication,” said Bolor. 

“We all became accustomed to the new dynamic in the office, adjusted to ensure we work and collaborate effectively with each other and now, it is just business as usual with the added benefits of having new and valued team members,” Bolor said.  

“We’re proud to be an inclusive employer.” 

Thiess has a vision for Diversity and Inclusion where everyone matters always.  

Across our business, we’re working together to create a workplace where respect, value and thoughtfulness towards each person will underpin their ability to bring their full self to work because they feel safe, empowered and included.