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Take 5 with John Orchard

John Orchard, Specialist Plant & Asset/Tyre Rim, is a 34-year mining industry veteran.

He’s been with Thiess for six years and worked across Western Australia and in Indonesia.
“I’ve worked with tyres since leaving school. I spent 26 years on the tools and the rest of my career have been in tyre support and technical management.
“I love mining and working with tyres and the technical challenges that come with them – they keep me on my toes.
“Tyres are not just round bits of rubber. A lot goes into them – the research and development is amazing. 
How did you join Thiess?
“I joined Thiess on the recommendation of a friend. I was looking for a change. When I arrived, I set up the systems for procurement and training for our group. It was good to be challenged and I have enjoyed every minute of my role.”
What do you love about working for Thiess?
“I love the variety of the role and our team.
“We all get on and everyone is available to help and support one another and we meet up for a laugh at the end of each week.”

Who do you admire?
“I look up to Juliette Abboudi – she’s our senior head engineer/mechanical engineer. She has been in mining for years and her knowledge of systems and how they work is incredible. She offers good insights and has been a big help over the years.” 
If your team was a sporting team, what would it be?
“We’d be the West Coast Eagles – we’re focused and driven for success. We give everything we’ve got and pull together when times get tough. We’d win the premiership.”