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Robert leads safety at Rocky's Reward

Whether he is sailing from Cape Town to the Caribbean or curating excavator repairs, Rob Hart believes safety is paramount.

Johannesburg born and bred, Rob moved to Western Australia to gain a Master of Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Corporate Finance.
A Senior Maintenance Planner at Thiess’ Rocky’s Reward operations, Rob has spent the past three and a half years building a successful career in the Australia Mining industry.
Initially working in engineering roles, the move to maintenance planning was an unlikely turn for Rob.
“It was an unconventional move for an engineer, but I feel working in the planning space gives you a direct influence on a site’s daily operations. It also provides a deep understanding of our data systems, costs, people and inner workings of our projects,” Rob said.
“In the maintenance world, it all comes down to those completing the repairs. Spending time with the people on the workshop floor and physically working on the equipment myself has provided me with a deeper understanding, that I believe only gained from experience.”
From big things little things grow - Rob appreciates that from our global operations, smaller interactions and relationships from across the globe are formed.
“When you are connecting with teams across the globe, it makes this big company seem small and as though we are all on the same mission,” he said.
What’s the best thing about working for Thiess?
A cliché answer is the people, but I think there is a reason why you hear it so often! 
What do you love most about your team? 
I love the honest interaction. The fast pace means we cannot afford misunderstandings and there is no time to sugar coat, so everyone is very upfront with each other. 
We do, however, find some time to have a laugh and don’t let the pressures affect our outlook.
Tell us something interesting your co-workers wouldn’t know about you?
In 2010 I sailed a 46-foot yacht from Cape Town to the Caribbean with two other crew members which took 37 days without seeing any land. 
How does your team work to keep everyone safe everyday?
Safety is the first discussion point in all our daily meetings. The whole team understands the current high-risk tasks and how those jobs have been set up to be completed safely.