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Meet Le-Shay: NAIDOC Week

Meet Le-Shay: NAIDOC Week

Across our operations and the communities where we live and work, we’re celebrating NAIDOC Week and reflecting on this year’s theme ‘For Our Elders’. As well as enjoying events, we’re participating through asking questions, listening and learning about history, culture and Country. We’ve connected with members of our team to understand what For Our Elders means to them.

Le-Shay is a Site Administrator for Thiess at Iron Bridge in Western Australia. She is a proud Ballardong and Wagyl Kaip woman.

What does NAIDOC Week mean to me?

NAIDOC to me means celebrating our culture, our ancestors, remembering and honouring the past and present of our people and showcasing our resilience to date. It is an opportunity for non-Indigenous peoples to get involved, know us, and learn from us. Through discovering our differences, we can also discover common ground. 

What does this year’s theme, “For Our Elders”, mean to me? It means recognising our Elders and the important role they have in our lives. They are our teachers and hold our lore and culture. It is important we look after them and carry on the knowledge they share.

What wisdom and knowledge have I gained from the Elders in my community?  

My Elders have taught me how to respect and conduct myself in the right way. This has helped me in my personal and professional life by being able to build relationships and maintain a solutions-focussed outlook. 

How would I encourage others to participate in NAIDOC Week?

Join in conversations and asked questions to educate yourself. Participate in the activities that are held throughout your community and to learn about the culture. Listen to our Elders and learn why their knowledge and stories are so important to our culture.

Thank you to Le-Shay for sharing your story. We encourage everyone to get involved in NAIDOC week events