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Melak sports pink shirts supporting D&I

Melak sports pink shirts supporting D&I

This month, our Thiess teams at Melak have proudly worn pink shirts to show support for gender equality, Indigenous peoples and an inclusive workplace culture. 

The pink shirts symbolise our team's commitment to striving towards building a culture of diversity and inclusion that can foster an environment where our employees feel safe, valued and where there is mutual respect and understanding without any prejudice or bias.  

The team shared their reflections:  

D&I Lead Indonesia, Meilyn Tan, said: “The pink shirts were introduced to honor the women who are an integral part of our teams – but what transpired was beyond an introduction, the teams, especially our men, enthusiastically embraced the pink shirts.  

“Thank you to the Melak team for pioneering this initiative and for their continuous support of our women and advancing gender equality at Thiess.”   

Melak Deputy Project Manager, Louis Lusse, said: “We are all aware that for many years men have dominated the mining industry and females seldomly pursued a career in mining – we all know it’s starting to change and females are now contributing and supporting the company to achieve its goals and objectives.”  

Melak D&I Champion, Asrilia, said: ”Our employees feel different with a cheerful heart and are enthusiastic when they come to work wearing the pink shirts.”