We’re committed to minimising our environmental footprint and aspire to be industry leaders in environmental management.

#Our commitment

We'll deliver on our environmental commitment through these actions

Act on climate change through decarbonising our business

Reduce our reliance and impact on water resources

Manage land responsibly and protect biodiversity

Find innovative ways to reduce and reuse waste

Thiess has a strong track record in responsible environmental management

#Thiess has a strong track record in responsible environmental management

#Our approach to responsible environment management

We integrate environmental considerations into all business decisions and set ambitious goals to drive continual improvement. 

We empower our people to innovate, collaborate and develop creative solutions to achieve leading environmental outcomes. 

We use technology-based solutions to address environmental challenges and enhance our environmental performance.

Thiess' ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS) provides consistency in how we plan, implement and review activities to achieve agreed environmental objectives.

Each Thiess site implements a site-specific Environmental Management Plan to ensure EMS compliance and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Our 2023 performance

Our 2023 performance

Learn more about the sustainability performance of Thiess and other Thiess Group businesses MACA, Fleetco, and RTL (88% Thiess owned) in the Thiess Group 2023 Sustainability Report.