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Thiess awarded first mining contract in North America

Thiess is pleased to announce it has been awarded its first mining services contract since establishing in the United States earlier in 2021. 

Thiess awarded first mining contract in North America

Thiess will undertake mining works, including excavation and hauling of material and maintenance activities, at a hard rock mine in Colorado during 2022.  

Thiess Executive Chairman and CEO Michael Wright said: “We’re truly excited by the opportunity to bring our technical expertise and mining capability to a major US mining operation, providing flexible and sustainable mining solutions.” 

Thiess’ Executive General Manager Americas Darrell White said: “We’re committed to working with our clients to find solutions that leverage our global insight to deliver local value. We’re growing our local presence in North America and investing in people and equipment to deliver safe, efficient and productive operations.” 

Thiess has operated in the Americas since 2015, in Chile and Canada, applying leading mining operations with a safety-first culture and commitment to client outcomes.  

Thiess’ United States business, established earlier in 2021, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.