Унших хамгийн бага хугацаа

Breaking ground at HSM

Our team at Halmahera Sukses Mineral (HSM) project embarked on our first nickel mining journey in Indonesia, with a first digging ceremony on 28 October 2023.

Leading the ceremony was Ika Zuly Irawati, the Project Manager who made history as Thiess Indonesia's first female mining Project Manager. Ika waved the Thiess flag, symbolizing the commencement of operations and the official start of the first dig.

The celebration continued at the Plant Workshop, where Ika addressed the Plant team, emphasizing their integral role in the operations. She stressed the importance of collaboration, encouraging the Plant team to work closely with their counterparts in Mining to succeed together.

Joining the ceremony at the camp area were representatives from HSM, including Chief Mine Officer Jimmy Darvid. Jimmy said that he was delighted at the partnership with Thiess, hoping for a successful collaboration.

From Thiess side, Mining Operations Manager for HSM Willem Dique gave a speech praising the team's efforts, rallying everyone to continue working together to achieve our shared objectives. Head of Mining Peter Cory highlighted the significance of the HSM project. As Thiess Indonesia's first full nickel mining contract which not only supported our diversification strategy but also highlighted our capability in handling diverse commodities.

Closing out the event, Thiess and HSM’s representatives joined hands in a tree planting activities, displaying our commitment towards a sustainable future.

The HSM project is Thiess Indonesia's first full nickel mining project which the A$240 million contract was awarded in late August 2023. The project is located in Central Halmahera, North Maluku, Indonesia.

Breaking ground at HSM