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Scholarship program opens door to mining industry

Thiess has offered five undergraduate students in Indonesia the opportunity to pursue a career in the mining industry as part of our scholarship program.

Led by the PINTAR Sub-Committees of the Indonesian Diversity and Inclusion Working Group and Thiess’ Learning and Development team, the program focuses on increasing female participation and achieving a 1% workforce participation of people with a disability. 

Senior specialist Learning and Development, Rosita, said the team is delighted with the amount of interest in the program.

“We received over 1,000 applications and through a rigorous selection process, we chose five undergraduate students to take part in the program,” Rosita said.

“The recipients will receive financial education assistance while they undergo vacation work across different areas of our business before having the opportunity to apply for graduate positions at Thiess.”

Meet our five students below:

Zaidan Rizqullah Putra Lesmana 
Major: Accounting
University: Universitas Brawijaya
Vacation program placement: Supply Chain, Jakarta Head Office & Balikpapan Support Facility

Ranty Natasya 
Major: Mining engineering
University: Universitas Sriwijaya
Vacation placement: Technical Services, Melak Coal Mine Project

Saskia Nur Fadhilah Kusnadi 

Major: Environmental engineering
University: Institut Teknologi Bandung
Vacation program placement: OHS, Wahana Coal Mine Project

Tio Sihombing 
Major: Geodesy and geomatics engineering
University: Institut Teknologi Bandung
Vacation program placement: Technical Services, MSJ Coal Mine Project

Argani Ruth De La Rosa 
Major: Mechanical engineering
University: Universitas Gadjah Mada
Vacation program placement: Plant, Melak Coal Mine Project

Building an industry leading and diverse workforce 

One of our scholarship recipients, Zaidan Rizqullah, is a person with a disability who started his own business three years ago to help fund his university tuition. He is currently studying Accounting and working at the Jakarta Head Office and Balikpapan Support Facility in Supply Chain.

“I am very excited to learn new industry skills through the scholarship program,” Zaidan said.

“This scholarship will help me achieve my future plans and allow me to have time to focus on my studies.”

Ranty Natasya is also a proud student of our scholarship program who is currently studying mining engineering. Ranty said she is ecstatic and honoured to receive the scholarship.

“Having the opportunity to work as a vacation student at Melak coal mine project has provided me with a meaningful learning experience,” said Ranty.  

“I hope to secure a position in the graduate program and be the second generation in my family to work in the mining industry.

The Scholarship Program induction at the Jakarta Head Office was held earlier this month where the five recipients were able to meet Thiess CEO Michael Wright, Executive General Manager Asia, Cluny Randell and President Director Jeffrey Kounang.