Унших хамгийн бага хугацаа

Our Mongolian team reunite at first in-person training in almost a year

For the first time since the nation’s COVID-19 lockdown began, our team in Mongolia has reunited masked-face-to-masked-face to participate in first aid training. 

It was fitting that training equipped the team with the knowledge and skills to keep everyone safe every day, reinforcing that safe projects are successful projects. 

The team thrilled to see one another after moving to working arrangements in support of the Mongolian Government strict lockdown conditions almost a year ago. The pandemic lockdown restrictions included the closure of schools, academic institutions, kindergartens and public facilities. 

Since March this year, vaccination programs have been accelerated across Mongolia resulting in almost 90 percent of the eligible population being fully vaccinated, enabling an easing of restrictions and resumption of more normal ways of working - like the first aid training course. 

Lifesaving and engaging 

Oyunchimeg Boroldoi, Purchasing Officer said the training was extremely valuable and that everyone should have the opportunity to participate, even school students. 

“It was also nice to see my colleagues in-person after such a long time working from home,” Oyunchimeg said. 

“I have never been in a critical situation where I needed to apply first aid and after participating in this training, I understand how important it is to have this knowledge.” 


Dulambat Dorjnamjil, Warehouse housekeeper, attended the first aid training with a sign language interpreter and was thrilled to participate and learn.  

“This was my first time attending first aid training, and with the help of my interpreter, I learned important skills that can help me save someone’s life in a critical situation - I now have the confidence and the skills to help others stay safe at work,” Dulambat said. 

“It was also a great opportunity to meet with my colleagues - I am relatively new to Thiess and this was the first time I have met some of them since I started.” 

Congratulations to our first aid trained employees:  

- Munkh-Orgil Davaadorj, Warehouse and Logistics Officer 
- Magsarjav Dalkhochir, Translator 
- Gantumur Nurzed, Warehouse Assistant 
- Bolortsetseg Baasandorj, HR Manager  
- Sarantsetseg Ayush, Administration Officer 
- Ariuntuya Tsogtbayar, Purchasing Officer  
- Oyunchimeg Boroldoi, Purchasing Officer  
- Luvsandash Baldandorj, Driver 
- Baatartsogt Byambaa, Driver 
- Chinbat Odkhuu, Driver  
- Dulambat Dorjnamjil, Housekeeper Warehouse  
- Amarzaya Tsendsuren, Clerck 
- Bolortsetseg Tumurbaatar, Accountant 
- Vyenyera Shyndaulyet, Communications Officer