Унших хамгийн бага хугацаа

Majwe leader enables a resilient workforce

Majwe Human Resources Manager Innocent Fihlani is focused on creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, respected and empowered.   

Since joining the Majwe team in 2011, Innocent has introduced improvement programs that empower project teams to fast-track change. 
“My vision at Majwe is to foster a culture where people want to come to work every day and enjoy their roles,” Innocent said. 
“Our industry and working environment is ever-changing and we need our teams to be resilient, empowered to have open and honest conversations and willing to embrace change.” 
Growing up in Maitengwe village in Botswana, Innocent believes his confidence and passion was shaped by the strength of his family - grandparents and sister. 
“After my parents passed away, I remember travelling to the Masimo ploughing fields every Friday to help the elders. My grandparents always ensured we knew the value of being respectful and hard-working,” he said. 
“I can still hear my grandfather’s voice reverberating across the bonfire – if you put your mind to something, work hard and do your due diligence, you will succeed in tackling any challenges that come your way.” 
“Their advice always lifted me up, gave me perspective and helped unlock my full potential.” 
Innocent leverages his industry knowledge and people skills to be a successful leader. 
“I encourage my team to continually challenge themselves and work to build a deeper understanding and knowledge base,” he said. 
Over the past 10 years, Innocent has experienced many opportunities as part of the Thiess-Majwe Joint Venture projects. 
“I’ve been fortunate to visit Thiess’ offices in Australia twice and meet with other human resource professionals to share insights and learnings,” Innocent said. 
“I’ve also had the opportunity to lead and guide the human resources team during the end of the Cut 8 contract and transition into the Cut 9 contract.” 

Final three with Innocent 

What is your spirit animal?  
A horse. They demonstrate vision, resilience, hope and courage. It’s these natures that make me easy to talk and interact with. 

What’s at the top of your bucket list? 
Before I retire, I want to travel and experience life in a different country. 

Who inspires you and why? 

My sister. She had always believed in me and was determined to see me succeed. When we fell on hard times, after the loss of my parents, she sacrificed her own dreams for me to realise my own. 
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