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Global Mobility Skills development program

In 2023, Thiess launched a Global Mobility Skills development program that aims to provide their people with opportunities to utilise their unique skills and knowledge internationally. The program benefits the organisation by filling critical skills gaps, while giving employees the opportunity to take part in skills development, networking, and cross-cultural learning.

As part of the program, the Group Environment and Technical Services teams based in the Australia head office welcomed a cohort of ten colleagues from Indonesia. They included senior mining engineers, supervisor mechanics, mining and technology superintendents and environmental engineers.

Two of our environmental engineers Chrisma and Listra visited Thiess projects at Olive Downs, Mt Arthur, Muswellbrook and Mt Pleasant. “This enriching experience not only showcased the value of cross-cultural collaboration but also provided us with a unique opportunity to share and gain environmental knowledge from colleagues all over the world,” said Chrisma.

In 2024, Thiess operations in Australia will host mechanical apprentices from Indonesia on a 6-month rotation, and we will aim to continue to identify additional opportunities.

Global Mobility Skills development program