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Delivering frontline leadership fundamentals

To equip frontline leaders with the skills, knowledge, capability and confidence to execute their roles to achieve high results, Thiess developed the Frontline Leadership Fundamentals program.

Supervisors are an invaluable part of Thiess' business and equipping them with the legal and leadership skills they need helps to enable high performing teams. The program leveraged success from past Thiess programs and was developed in consultation with each region to ensure it captured local case studies and regional contexts. It consists of six modules, adopting an interactive and collaborative learning approach to allow participants to learn from each other. A unique element of the program is that it is delivered by Thiess leaders.

Train the trainer programs were conducted in Australia and Indonesia in 2023, equipping over 20 Thiess leaders from all regions to facilitate future programs which enhances the learning experience.

Cecilia Superrey, Thiess' Head of People Services in Chile, who recently attended one of the sessions said, “The leadership program exceeded my expectations, standing out for its practical and participatory approach. I learned to lead effectively, adapting to diverse situations. This program has enhanced my ability to inspire my team and has elevated our productivity. An all-encompassing experience that I would recommend to every emerging leader!”

MACA also delivered a Leadership Fundamentals program with 143 participants engaged across their mining and civil projects in 2023. The program equipped participants with essential leadership skills, enhancing the capabilities of individual employees which is intended to contribute to the organisation’s overall resilience and success.

Delivering frontline leadership fundamentals