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RTL team flies north for the winter

A team from Thiess subsidiary RTL have left behind the cold of Victoria to soak up the warmth at our Caval Ridge project in Central Queensland.

RTL team flies north for the winter

With the wet season at RTL’s home base in the Latrobe Valley making earthmoving works possible for only six months a year, the team is spending their downtime bringing their truck, excavator and grader skills to the very busy team at Caval Ridge project.

The team of 33 have enthusiastically taken on the opportunity to join their northern colleagues, broadening their skills and experiencing life within another Thiess company – all with the convenient option to visit the Great Barrier Reef during their rostered week off! 

RTL employee Craige Harris said that while it had been a steep learning curve, he was thoroughly enjoying his time at Caval Ridge. 

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use my skills in a really big operation – the scale of the project has blown me away and I’m learning so much,” Craige said. 

“It’s a real boost for my skills and career.”

The team started in June and will stay with the Caval Ridge project until the end of November, in time for the rain to stop and back into earthmoving season. 

Welcome to Queensland RTL crew, we hope you enjoy your time with us!