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Thiess graduate Claire brings passion and purpose to her role

Thiess’ Claire Yates believes helping others is not only a gift, but an opportunity for personal growth.

The Community Relations Graduate studied a dual bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Arts at Curtin University in Western Australia, which evolved her passion for community engagement and giving back.
Growing up in a small coal-mining town in Western Australia, Claire didn’t think twice when applying for the CIMIC graduate program.
“I was looking for a program where I would be able to learn from different people across multiple disciplines,” Claire said.
“Getting back into mining made sense. Having been part of a small mining community, I understood the benefits that companies can provide to the regions in which they operate.”
Working with Thiess, Claire is able to bring this insight and passion for giving back to her graduate position.
What do you love about working for Thiess?
“The culture. Thiess lives by its vision of everyone matters always. They are passionate about work-life balance and promote flexible working conditions. Everyone brings something different to the business, which keeps it interesting.”
What learning and development opportunities has the program provided?
“Everyone at Thiess is happy to show me new things and help with my development and understanding of the business. I’ve been to the Dawson South site and was given a tour in one of the dump trucks, it was incredible. I’m also doing some external courses in Project Management and Critical Thinking that Thiess is supporting, which is great.”
How would you describe yourself?
“Sassy, direct and passionate. I’m often inspired by others who are passionate and who really love their job. I also love to travel and have a goal to visit multiple countries.”
What are you passionate about outside of work?
“I am passionate about spreading awareness of organ donation.
“When I was 18, both of my kidneys failed and I needed a transplant. I received one from my dad about six months later. I was lucky I didn’t need dialysis or to go on the waitlist.
“There are a lot of people who are not as lucky as me. I encourage everyone to take the time to visit the Donate Life website and start the conversation about organ donation.”
To learn more about the CIMIC Group graduate program, visit the Thiess website.