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Leading through resilience and teamwork

Mark Haynes, Maintenance Manager at our Caval Ridge project understands the value of working in a supportive and talented team environment that prides itself on delivering.

He’s been with Thiess for more than eight years, leading optimised maintenance solutions focused on best practice and cost-effective equipment performance, availability and reliability.
“Throughout my career at Thiess, I’ve had the opportunity to influence positive change including mobilising, assembling and commissioning machine fleets into new projects,” Mark said. 
“I’m currently responsible for managing maintenance safety performance and our team’s budget to align with our contractual obligations. It’s challenging but rewarding.”
“As a leader, I’m passionate about creating a culture where great people can excel and where they are developed and supported to reach their highest potential.”
Why is your team a team of the best?
“I work with a group of hardworking resilient people who work together to overcome challenges to create lasting value for our clients.”
What is your advice for people looking to join mining?
“If you have the right attitude you will succeed. Be prepared to work hard and if you do you will be rewarded with greater opportunities.”
Who do you admire?
“My father. He was always so relaxed and carefree, nothing bothered him. He taught me humility - to be modest and down to earth.”
What book would you recommend others read?
“Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggin’s – it's inspirational and motivating. As he says grit is earned – and you’re probably much stronger than you ever imagined.”
You can join Mark and Thiess’ Assets team today! We’re hiring for a range of roles across multiple projects including fitters, boilermakers, electricians, plant mechanics and more. Visit our careers page to join a team of the best today.