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Australia launches fourth consecutive Reconciliation Action Plan

As a global services provider, we acknowledge and respect the history and contributions of First Nations peoples. Across our offices and sites, we recognise and value our responsibility to live and work on country, and with communities, respectfully and with care. 

Australia launches fourth consecutive Reconciliation Action Plan

In Australia we’re proud to launch our fourth consecutive Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 

Thiess takes seriously our commitment to reconciliation, and the role we have to play in contributing to real and meaningful change for Australia. As a business, we can influence reconciliation through our people, supply chain, and communities. And as teammates, friends and neighbours, we each lead reconciliation through listening and learning; demonstrating care and respect; speaking up for culture and heritage and out against racism and discrimination. 

A new RAP vision

Shaped by the successes and challenges from our journey so far, this RAP incorporates feedback and learning from our employees and function leads and includes critical guidance from external stakeholders including Traditional Owners, Indigenous organisations and Reconciliation Australia.  

This has informed our new RAP vision to: 

Enable reconciliation through our decisions and actions each and every day – as individuals, a business and community member, we aim to make a positive impact across all dimensions of reconciliation and guide our day-to-day actions.  

We will do this by:  

  • Speaking out against racism and discrimination  
  • Deepening the cultural experience and understanding of our people  
  • Operating on Country with consent, care and respect  
  • Working together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in pursuit of their cultural, social and economic aspirations.  

Our RAP is backed by our commitment to action, responsibility and accountability. RAP targets and initiatives have been incorporated into our 2022 Australian business planning and key performance indicators.

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