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New rebuild centre opened in Batam, Indonesia

In 2023, the Thiess Rebuild Centre was opened on Batam Island, Indonesia - expanding the Group’s truck and component rebuilding capabilities on a large scale.

More than 650 trucks in Group companies' fleet will reach the end of their service life in the next eight years. Instead of replacing the current diesel-powered trucks with new ones that are also diesel-powered, with long service lives ahead of them, Thiess will rebuild the current trucks.

The intent is to extend the current trucks’ service life until they can be replaced by alternative low or zero carbon emissions trucks when the technology is commercialised. Thiess aims to have around 65 trucks fully rebuilt by the end of 2024. Thiess Group Executive Chair and CEO Michael Wright said: “The new truck rebuild facility on Batam Island is an integral part of a strategic initiative to equip the Thiess Group with better control of our asset replacement and rebuild program, and deliver improved financial and sustainability outcomes for our clients and investors.

This rebuild facility also establishes a platform for the Group to explore decarbonisation and alternative fuel technologies, as well as the opportunity to provide these services for our clients in the future”. Solar is planned for installation within Kabil Estate, the industrial hub where the rebuild centre is located, in 2024 to provide a renewable power option and LED lights will be utilised throughout the workshop and temporary office areas. The aim is for all metal waste to be collected and recycled, further contributing to the sustainability of the new facility.

Thiess is also committed to offering employment, training and development opportunities including the opportunity for local people to enter Thiess’ apprentice program and local students to participate in work experience

New rebuild centre opened in Batam, Indonesia