Унших хамгийн бага хугацаа

Thiess welcomes all abilities in Indonesia

As part of our commitment to creating inclusive workplaces, this month our Thiess team participated in Indonesia’s inaugural Disability Job Fair held in Jakarta.

Thiess welcomes all abilities in Indonesia

The event promoted inclusion for people with a disability through work opportunities and was organised with the Ministry of Labor in collaboration with PT Disabilitas Kerja Indonesia – an accessibility consultant Thiess has been working with. 

Our Thiess team participated in the event hosting job interviews with more than 10 qualified candidates. 

Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Labor, Anwar Sanusi, said the Jobs Fair event is an important initiative for industry that should be held regularly. 

“The event provides a platform for people with a disability to openly find job information without risk of discrimination,” Anwar Sanusi said. 

Thiess Superintendent Learning and Development, Sari Chairani, said the event benefited everyone. 

“Some of people we interviewed had successfully completed their Diploma, Bachelor and Postgraduate studies, and some even had work experience in multinational companies,” Sari said.

“They believe they can become accomplished employees at Thiess like others without disabilities.”

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