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Making her mark: Ginna Martinez

“What I love about my role is the opportunity to interact with colleagues around the world, sharing ideas and creating solutions that all people at the Thiess Group can use. Being nominated for the award is not just a personal achievement, it demonstrates the collective effort and commitment from our team to achieve the project’s success.”

Based in Brisbane and working as a Group Senior Environment Advisor, Ginna is a finalist for the 2024 Queensland Resources Council (QRC) Exceptional Woman in Technological Innovation Award.

Ginna was nominated for her work in streamlining and enhancing sustainability reporting at the Thiess Group, a time-consuming process including data interrogation and identification of gaps within reports. With the environmental team, Ginna recognised the need to enhance the environmental reporting system to improve efficiency, as well as reducing time and resource commitments while ensuring data accuracy and transparency.  

The solution? A sustainability dashboard within the PowerBI system, leveraging her expertise in environmental data and support from the internal PowerBI team.

“I'm very happy to be acknowledged along with everyone who has been a part of the project, particularly our Mining Performance Systems team. It's a testament to the hard work that has been put into developing a tool that considers large amounts of data, rigorous analysis, and numerous adjustments as the Thiess Group integrates new information and aligns with international standards.” she says.

In 2021, Thiess started the journey to track emissions and rehabilitation data through the platform. In 2022, the platform was further improved to include Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. The reports included different metrics such emissions intensity, emissions per region, project and asset. In 2023 further work included integration of MACA data and developing of new dashboards for metrics such as water, waste, incidents and complaints

Thanks to Ginna and the team, sustainability reporting at Thiess Group has seen significant improvements including:

- An approximately 90% reduction in time spent on generating environmental reports.
- Significant cost savings due to reduced manual entry requirements and the opportunity for team members to redirect time to other tasks.   
- Improved data accuracy leading to enable better-informed decision-making processes.
- Managers and decision-makers accessing improved data-driven insights, which enabled them to make more strategic and timely decisions.  

The system's scalability and potential for further analysis promises to bolster Thiess’ reporting and serves as a model for how technological innovation can drive efficiency, cost savings, and ensure sustainability decisions are informed by accurate and transparent data. 

Thiess congratulates all QRC finalists, especially Ginna. Your dedication and contributions are commendable, and Thiess is proud of you and this industry recognition. Good luck!

Making her mark: Ginna Martinez