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MSJ water conservation initiative delivers onsite benefits

A new water conservation initiative at MSJ in Indonesia to recycle domestic wastewater from Thiess camp bathrooms, laundries and kitchens and reuse it for the same purpose, delivering incredible water savings and environmental benefits.  

MSJ water conservation initiative delivers onsite benefits

Spearheaded by our Graduate Environmental , Annisa Luthfia, the initiative is based on the critical need for water conservation efforts. 

“This work is part of our sustainability commitment and is one of the ways we’re actively looking to the future to support our clients, communities, partners and the environment.”  

Since its August launch, the initiative has recycled an average of 10 m3 of water per day – 83 per cent of the average daily need for clean water in the camp.  

The recycling process takes domestic wastewater through a filtration and disinfection process, using gravel, silica sand, and activated carbon, while the disinfection process uses chlorine tablets. Filtration tanks, built out of recycled IBC tanks, are reused again to align with site’s efforts to apply used materials and deliver environmental, budget optimisation benefits and efficiencies. 

Daily internal monitoring of each process is carried out, alongside external monitoring by accredited laboratories, to ensure the recycled water meets and exceeds clean water thresholds.  

MSJ's Project Manager, Ahjab A. Karim, welcomed this initiative.  

“This is a manifestation of our commitment to the environment and positions us well to deliver on our purpose to create lasting value – both on and off site,” Ahjab said. 

“This initiative shows what can be achieved and adopted by other sites across our Thiess operations.” 

If you want to find out more about this initiative, contact Annisa Luthfia at ALuthfia@thiess.com.au