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Hazelmere team diversifies rebuild solutions

Thiess’ Hazelmere team is continuing to diversify, completing their first full machine rebuild of a Caterpillar D10T Bulldozer. 

Working out of our Perth-based component rebuild facility, the team reconstructed the bulldozer in approximately eight weeks, with parts sourced locally from the Caterpillar equipment dealer, WesTrac. 
Thiess Asset Manager – Australia West & Africa, Domenic Cappelluti helped manage the rebuild and praised the maintenance team for their adaptability and focus on safely mobilising the machine. 
“Full machinery refurbishments are new for this workshop, as it had predominately been set up as a component rebuild centre,” Domenic said. 
“Diversifying came naturally to the team, as they leveraged their existing skills and displayed enthusiasm to get the job done.”  
A big focus on working to a timeline and budget, bringing the job home meeting or bettering each milestone.  
“They did an excellent job ensuring their work areas were set up correctly to enable strategic disassembly and reassembly, safely.” 
The bulldozer had clocked over 29,400 hours before being transported to Perth to be rebuilt. 
The scope of the rebuild included an inhouse overhaul of all major components, a full refurbishment of electrical systems and returning all worn components to OEM specification. 
The team also focused on implementing improvements that included an upgrade of frame repairs and reclamation of bores. 
“The rebuild helped reinstate performance and reliability of the machine which will lead to optimum reliability, reduced operating costs and productivity to match,” Domenic said. 
“It also demonstrated the advantages our component rebuilds centres provide for our clients including delivering savings through labour efficiency process improvement, smarter material sourcing and use, and greater quality control.” 
The Hazelmere team is continuing to focus on major rebuilds and full-scale refurbishments for the remainder of 2020.