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Thiess helps rebuild rehabilitation centres for those in need in Mongolia

Our Thiess team in Mongolia continues their commitment to supporting the local community, recently lending a helping hand to renovate two rehabilitation centres in the regional centre of Umnugovi aimag (province).  

Thiess helps rebuild rehabilitation centres for those in need in Mongolia

The rehabilitation centres were severely damaged by strong storms and heavy rain that hit Mongolia last year. Impacting the centres’ ability to deliver vital services to seniors and those with disabilities. 

Our team, supported by Mongolia’s Labour and Welfare Services, stepped in and assisted by rebuilding and repairing damages to the roof, windows and entire exterior of the centres.  

Head of Agency at Labour and Welfare Services, Ms. Doljinsuren, thanked Thiess for our support on behalf of everyone who uses the centres.  

"The raging rainfall lasted 3 days in July last year, causing floods in most parts of Umnugovi aimag which interrupted the delivery of services for seniors,” Ms. Doljinsuren said.  

“Due to lack of funding, we have struggled to recover from the losses incurred, so we approached our partner organisations for assistance and support. Thiess was considerate about our request and provided much-needed support.”  

Participating in community life, and supporting initiatives that benefit community organisations, is essential to Thiess creating lasting value.  

The rehabilitation centres, operated by the Labour and Welfare Service Office of Umnugovi aimag, have supported around 450-550 people each year since 1997. The centre organises a range of events such as fitness sessions, information sessions about healthy diets and social welfare laws through to cultural events and therapy sessions.