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Thiess diesel fitter praises workplace culture

Meet Thomas Kilale, a Diesel Fitter at Thiess’ Peak Downs operations in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

Thomas, who joined Thiess 14 months ago, says he’s inspired by his team’s willingness to design and deliver solutions that unlock potential and create pathways to greater performance.
He believes it’s the attitudes and values of his team that drive positive results.
“It’s empowering to know that your supervisors care about you as a person and are passionate about professional growth. They constantly encourage and support creativity and pro-activity.”
“My team is committed to supporting and looking out for each other.”
Thomas said he is constantly encouraged to use problem-solving and innovative thinking while on the job.
“There are a lot of problems that you can’t figure out at first glance, so you might try one approach 10 or 15 times before finding a new approach,” he said.
“Our leaders encourage us to think outside the box and bounce ideas with the team.”
As a Diesel Fitter, Thomas’ daily duties vary depending on where he is positioned on-site – in the field or at the workshop. However, one thing remains the same - accuracy is key.
“To carry out inspections, repairs and preventive maintenance, we use precision tools to ensure that the repairs and overhauls are within the OEM’s specifications and tolerances.”
“Even minimal deviations from the specifications could cause significant component failures which could result in damage to equipment and or injury to personnel.”
Outside of work, Thomas enjoys reading and adventuring outdoors.
“Reading. I love reading; I read in the morning, afternoon, and the evening,” he said.
You can join Thomas and the team at Peak Downs. Apply now. We’re hiring - thiess.com/careers.