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Meet Nick - passionate maintenance leader

Nick Dare, Thiess’ Maintenance Manager at QCoal Northern Hub, believes investing time, knowledge and resources into our people is Thiess’ greatest attribute.

Since joining Thiess 10 years ago, Nick has experienced more opportunities through leadership training, development and role progression.
“For those who are self-motivated and driven, the team at Thiess will push you to reach your full potential,” Nick said.
“We are a global business with opportunities to work across diversified commodities and projects.”
“As leaders, we understand that having a team that is supported and empowered is the best way to achieve results.”
What does your role involve?
My job is all about working with my team to facilitate maintenance activities on-site, safely and efficiently. We support the production team by ensuring the reliability and availability of our assets to meet targets and deliver certainty for our client.
What do you love most about working for Thiess?
My team – I work with a talented and dedicated group of people, who rise to the challenge to safely deliver available and reliable assets for our client and project team every hour of every day.
What is your proudest career achievement?
I worked with the broader Thiess team to successfully mobilise fleet to our Peak Downs project. I established a strong relationship with the client and helped build asset management and maintenance into the longer-term contract. We also built our maintenance team from scratch and together successfully delivered a result for our business I am exceptionally proud of.
What is your advice for people looking to join the mining industry?
The mining and resources industry has some of the most inclusive and diverse opportunities of any industry. Thiess supports and encourages people who are driven and show initiative and rewards them with fantastic career opportunities.
What book would you recommend everyone read?
Rocket Men - the story of Apollo 8 and the three astronauts whose mission was to land on the moon. A fantastic account of the collaboration, bravery and sacrifice that at one-point unified people around the world.

You can join Nick and Thiess’ Assets team today! We’re hiring for a range of roles across multiple projects including fitters, boilermakers, electricians, plant mechanics and more. Visit our careers page to join a team of the best today.