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Investing in Thiess' next generation

Building passion, knowledge and connecting aspirations with real career paths – these are some of the ways Thiess is inspiring the next generation through work experience.

Members of our Thiess team have taken time to share knowledge with school students through our work experience program.
Meet some of the students who recently visited our Thiess sites.
Meet Kya – learning about operational roles at QCoal
Kya is a student at Collinsville State High School. She recently spent time with Thiess at QCoal to get to know different teams onsite. Kya was able to meet, learn and work with Thiess' Administration, Training, Safety and Finance teams. On her final day, the team took her for a pit tour to give her insight into how the team works together at the site.
Brett Herrington, Manager HSET (Health Safety Environment Training) at QCoal was impressed by Kya’s diligence in completing tasks.
“Kya was very receptive to mentoring and advice, which made it easy for the team to work and train her even in the short time spent together. It was great to be able to work with the local high school to bring this opportunity together.”
Meet Harry – exploring Geology and Environmental science
Harry undertook his work experience placement in the Brisbane office with the Geotechnical and Environment team. Harry was already very passionate about what he was learning and indicated a keen interest in working with technology to help mining companies of the future find the most efficient and sustainable method to extract their product.
Meet Jessica – aspiring Human Resources professional
Jessica was enthusiastic and excited by her opportunity to work with Thiess’s People & Capability team in Brisbane. Taking part in workshops which helped her understand how different personality types contribute to making an effective team, as well as the trip to the Thiess' Darra component rebuild centre were some of the highlights of her time.
Both Jessica, Harry and their fellow classmates were fortunate to tour the component rebuild centre workshop to help them understand how each of their interest areas and potential future careers connected and supported operational teams every day.
Shared inspiration
Jeff Wells, Specialist Workshop Safety, hosted the student tours at the component rebuild centre and was inspired by their enthusiasm to learn.
“It’s a big step for a young person to come into the workforce and an even bigger decision to decide the job they’d like to do,” Jeff said.
“It’s great to be able to bring them out to the workshop to help them understand there are so many different aspects to the type of roles they’re interested in through the mining industry.”