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Courtney Bolton making her mark at Thiess

Congratulations to our colleagues who recently completed their Emerging Women Leaders development course. The global cohort of twelve women participated in eight sessions held over seven months to learn more about personal and professional development, leadership and inclusion, navigating change and effective communication. The women were partnered with a Thiess mentor, cohort buddy and completed a presentation to an executive audience to round out the program.

We caught up with participant, Courtney Bolton, Asset Estimating Specialist to find out more. Read Courtney’s story below.

What do you do at Thiess?

I’m an Asset Estimating Specialist in the Group Asset Management team. I am responsible for developing costing and compiling all supporting information for assets that feed into business tender submissions. My daily role also includes reviewing and updating our plant rates to ensure project budgets and tender submissions are accurate, reliable, competitive, and true to cost.

How did you get into asset estimating?

I started at Thiess as a vacation student in the Planning Support team during 2017/18 Summer. I recommenced as an undergraduate engineer in August 2018 while undertaking full time university studies in mechanical engineering. After four years in the business, I identified assets estimating as an area that I would like to work in for career development and was successful in obtaining a role in the team.

What motivates you about your role?

Having a direct impact on our projects as well as assisting Thiess to win new work. Asset Estimating is an area of the business that I wanted to get exposure to so that I can develop a well-rounded understanding of project operations and budgeting. Asset estimating also creates connections for me to other departments in the business to build my network of colleagues.

Why should someone join Thiess?

The satisfaction of providing solutions, the people you work with and learn from, and the opportunities for career growth and development are key standouts for me. In my short career I’ve been given many opportunities, each one helping me grow into the person I am today. These opportunities have enabled to become more confident in my ability and to know I can make an impact in my team and the wider business.

What are some of your key achievements to date?

I would say, stepping up as a maintenance planner after finishing my last university assignment; as well as being the first in my family to graduate from university with a mechanical engineering degree.

In 2021, I was nominated for the Thiess Graduate of the Year award and was appointed as a supervisor at the QCoal Northern Hub mine while in my first year of the graduate program.

I’ve also led the 2023 Australian Assets maintenance budget where I have improved the process for my team to replicate in the coming years. I’ve been involved in making changes to our risk assessments to ensure changes are managed effectively so everyone goes home safe. I’ve also created an in- house tool for the Thiess Component Rebuild Centre and mapped out key phases to ensure its continued success.

Recently I completed the Thiess Emerging Women in Leadership course which has provided me with the skills and tools I need to develop as a leader. There is a lot I’m grateful for!

Outside of the office, what do you do for fun? What are your hobbies and interests?

I am an avid baker and enjoy sharing what I make with others. I also enjoy learning; I’m adding to my instrument repertoire by teaching myself to play piano.

Courtney Bolton making her mark at Thiess