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Batkhuu leads the way

Specialising in diplomacy, with first-hand experience in contract negotiations, Batkhuu is our Government and Community Relations Manager in Mongolia.

Ulaanbaatar born and raised, Batkhuu first started his career as a foreign policy officer, before joining Thiess in 2011. 
Learning from his time as Project Manager for the United Nations development programs, Batkhuu believes his experience in negotiation, contracts and relationship management helps him to successfully manage government and community relations across our Mongolian projects. 
Batkhuu lives by our principle of integrity and understands its value to the communities in which we operate.
“I experienced how companies can positively change and enhance the communities they work in. When I was working at the Khushuut Coal mine, integrity was essential.”
“We created value by first listening to the community and making them feel heard. We worked to show them how their needs aligned with our long-term goals and we lived by our Principles. 
“We made a difference in the community. We worked together towards a shared goal to support the community’s well-being and growth.”
Batkhuu embraces’ Thiess diversity and inclusion vision of everyone matters always, to ensure an innovative, creative, competitive and more productive workplace.
“As a team, we work together to create a workplace where respect, value and thoughtfulness towards each person allow them to bring their full self to work because they are empowered, safe and included.
“By listening, supporting and resolving work-related issues together, my team is mindful of not only their wellbeing but each other’s wellbeing. They are always there to lend a listening ear and support each other.”
Batkhuu shared some reflections about his time at Thiess:
What’s the best thing about working for Thiess?
Thiess’ integrity, our strong global culture and the exciting opportunities for our people, including learning and career development opportunities to advance your career. 
I’m constantly challenged and have grown personally and professionally during my time at Thiess.
What are you responsible for in your role? 
I’m responsible for government relations, community relations, compliance, high-level permits, translation, communication and internal audits. This means I work together with the community and our client to deliver results that are transparent, mutually beneficial and ensure we continue to grow the communities in which we work. 
At our Oyu Tolgoi operations, we installed solar-powered pumps at local water wells that are used as a source of drinking water for the community and their animals. This was a rewarding initiative to be a part of.  
What’s the most unusual request you’ve had on the job? 
To translate thousands of pages from English to Mongolian within a month. Although we can speak and understand both languages, translation requires a select set of skills – which at the time we had to learn quickly.
What do you love most about your team? 
What I love about my team is how much they care for and look after each other. They’re dedicated and strive to deliver high quality and timely outputs while remaining focused on continual improvement. I’m always learning from them.
Tell us something interesting your co-workers wouldn’t know about you?
Hard to think of any - I’m an open book. I’m not sure they know I can speak three languages: Mongolian, Russian and English. 
If you could choose three people to have over for a dinner party, who would they be and why? 
I would, first, choose Genghis Khan. It would be interesting to hear about Mongolia’s history from someone living during that time. I would also have my dad to dinner, who passed away nine years ago. It would allow me to speak about things we didn’t get a chance to. In Mongolia, it’s common for children to take care of their elderly parents. The third person would be Stephen Covey. He talks to me through his books but I would love to talk to him in person.
Describe yourself in three words?
I enjoy challenging tasks such as puzzles, the finished result gives me great satisfaction. I would say I’m a competitor, a resourceful trooper and an energetic performer. 
What’s at the top of your bucket list? 
Travelling as usual. I hope one day to visit Australia, Canada and Europe.