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Our Darra Component Rebuild Centre awarded Timken Gold Standard

The Thiess team at the Darra Component Rebuild Centre in Brisbane has notched up another success, achieving gold Timken bearing certification.

The Darra facility is one of three Thiess component rebuild centres, alongside Perth and Balikpapan, that remanufactures vital components to keep Thiess’s fleet and operations working safely and efficiently.
Timken is one of the world’s largest bearing manufacturers and its certification is recognition that the Darra Component Rebuild Centre’s bearing maintenance practices are of the highest standard.
Timken Managing Director Michael Pearson was on hand to present Asset Manager David Dickin and the Brisbane team with their certificate and explained the significance of the award.
“To achieve the certification, our Timken team undertook a comprehensive audit of this facility,” Michael explained.
“We looked at the Thiess team’s storage and handling, mounting tools and jigs, inspection areas, removal and installation processes.
“During the audit, it was clear to our team the level of training, expertise and commitment across the team in their maintenance and servicing. 
“It is this attention to detail and quality that has earnt them gold certification – this is the only Mobile Equipment Workshop in the Asia Pacific region to have been awarded this level.
“For both Thiess’s internal and external customers, this Timken Certification demonstrates that the Darra CRC follows the highest standards and confirms that Thiess have the quality systems, processes and appropriate equipment in place to ensure proper bearing maintenance equivalent to world’s best practice.”
Asset Manager David Dickin acknowledged the efforts of the whole team to earn the certification, including the Workshop Manager Allan Muller and Workshop Superintendent Ben Guerra, to earn the certification.
“This award is for each of you. It is recognition of the perseverance and commitment you have shown to look at how we work and how we can improve,” David said.
“You have each supported the initiatives that have been put in place and everyone has taken a leadership role in driving improvement and excellence – well done.”
The Timken certification stands for two years.