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Thiess graduate gains global exposure

Zac Irving joined the CIMIC Group Graduate Program in February and has already been exposed to Thiess’ global operations.

Working in the supply chain team, Zac spent five weeks of his first eight-month rotation in Balikpapan, Indonesia, learning about purchasing and inventory. 
He said the experience helped him achieve technical, professional and personal growth.
“With a previous background in operations on a small mine site in the Hunter Valley, it absolutely blew my mind to have the ability to visit the Sangatta Mine.”
“To see the magnitude of how they operate and the amount of planning that goes into the operations was an experience I won’t easily forget.”
“Culture wise, it was very eye-opening, and I enjoyed engaging with the people there. I have definitely walked away from the experience with not only business learnings but a lot of life lessons too.”
“The only challenging aspect I found was my inability to handle spicy food. Unfortunately, the canteen doesn’t come with a warning sign. I will have to work my way up to enjoying spicier foods.”
Zac studied a Bachelor of Supply Chain and Inventory Management at RMIT in Melbourne.
He brings adaptability to his graduate position and is open to any opportunity that comes his way.
What inspired you to apply for the CIMIC graduate program?
 “I’m a fourth-generation coal miner. Mining is a big part of my family, and I know how much mining means to small communities, I experienced it firsthand.”
“As a services provider, Thiess has a great reputation within the industry – always top-notch.”
“When I left operations, it was always my goal to understand what I needed to study and improve on to re-enter the industry. I’m excited about the evolving future of mining and the graduate program gives me the chance to be a part of that future.”
What do you love about working for Thiess?
“There is such a fantastic culture at Thiess, and I have found the opportunities as a graduate are endless. Everyone is so open and willing to share their knowledge, give their time and make sure that learning is number one.” 
“There are no barriers to how much you can learn. If you are interested in something, people will give you the time to learn and help you build new skills.”
What learning and development opportunities has the program provided?
“Thiess give you real work and responsibility straight away. As a graduate, I worked on two portfolios which were solely my responsibility. I’ve had great supervisors who taught me to back myself, be accountable, learn from any mistakes and keep moving forward.”
What are you passionate about outside of work?
“I love to travel and absorb and immerse myself into different cultures. Last year I spent 12 months backpacking around Europe and North America, and it was the best experience I have ever had.”
If your current team was a sporting team, what would it be?
“As an NRL supporter, I’d say Supply Chain is like a rugby league team. Everyone has their defined position and role, and have to perform at 100%.”