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Meet Sari - passionate about helping others to learn and advance

As Indonesia’s People Development Superintendent, Sari is passionate about helping others.


Each day she supports her colleagues at work and is active within her local community lending a helping hand throughout the COVID-19.  We spoke to Sari about the role she’s played in her community during COVID-19, how she and her team make a difference and why she believes her team is exceptional.

How have you been helping your community during COVID-19?

When COVID-19 first began in Indonesia, the first two confirmed cases were close to my neighbourhood. People were understandably frightened and concerned.

One of my neighbours, a healthcare worker, had to isolate away from the community and was unable to return with her family to her home. 

On hearing this, I arranged for a doctor to meet with our local community to provide reliable information on COVID-19. I also shared training resources from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and volunteered to moderate this discussion.
After the end of the session, we formed a task force and developed a detailed action plan for our local community. 

The plan included:

Identifying people in our neighbourhood who are considered high risk if they contract COVID e.g. people with heart disease, diabetes or senior citizens etc. 

Supporting vulnerable people who needed essential items such as groceries or medication

Organising food donations for essential workers

Establishing a disinfecting schedule

Educating our local market and street vendors about physical distancing guidelines, as well as safety and health protocols

Developing a guideline for COVID-19 outbreak prevention, control and management in our community.

People began to understand their role is in protecting their families and the local community. While a social stigma had existed about COVID-19, we are fighting the spread of COVID-19 together.

Why is your team exceptional?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, my team and I continue to ensure that our people are supported to reach their career development goals. Our people are engaged and ready to handle the challenges that they are facing in their roles. We’ve had to adapt through virtual training which has pushed us to think outside the box and create a dynamic remote learning environment.

How does your team make a difference?  

We make a difference by providing our people with training opportunities broadening their perspectives and starting important conversations at work. Our recent, ‘Silence is not always golden’ training program delivered tangible results. Participant feedback told us that our employees felt more confident to report incidents or stop the job if they saw something unsafe at work. Our training programs provide our employees with the courage and confidence to speak up, knowing they will be supported if they do.

What have you learnt in your time with Thiess?

I have grown so much, both personally and professionally, since I joined Thiess ten years ago. It has completely changed my outlook on safety and I take this with me through every activity I do in and outside the workplace.

Who inspires you? Who is your role model and why?

I’m inspired by our female leading hands who operate trucks in a hot and dusty environment. As a working mother myself, I understand many of them lead very busy lives while also providing for their families. They overcome this adversity, deliver high-quality work and continue to climb the career ladder to make life better for themselves and their children.

What book would you recommend everyone read and why?

 Even though Michelle Obama is an intelligent woman with an amazing personality, I didn’t expect to like her memoir Becoming as much as I did. The book is funny and touched me emotionally making me laugh out loud, cry and suddenly have an urge to call my mum.

If you could go back in time – who would you meet and why?

My late boss. I’d like to thank him for being such a great mentor. He always believed in me. Even though he is not here today, I am still implementing his advice.

Best advice you’ve received/shared?

If you can do good things for other people, you should do those things. It’s our responsibility to help.