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Celebrating team success - C2S breakthrough at OT

Our Team in Mongolia have finally been able to celebrate their incredible C2S breakthrough achievement at Oyu Tolgoi (OT) project at a series of gatherings.

Celebrating team success - C2S breakthrough at OT

The team, in joint venture with local contractor Khishig Arvin Industrial, safely broke through in August to connect shaft 2 via the decline. 

Not only did the team deliver the C2S system, critical to the OT project, but they successfully ensured Everyone safe everyday through achieving 3 million hours LTI free.  

The chance to celebrate came as almost 70 per cent of Mongolia’s target population is now fully vaccinated. Our team could reflect on the achievement and enjoy each other’s company in person.
The event called out the efforts of 431 employees who have been involved in the project since 2016, as well as the current team of 220 people working at OT. 

The event was also an opportunity to congratulate up to 54 employees receiving service awards for 5, 10 and 15 years of service at Thiess.

Congratulations to everyone involved!