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Thiess brings smiles to families in need in Mongolia

Our Thiess team in Mongolia is bringing joy to those in need, gifting presents to 200 children in the Tavan Tolgoi mining territory over the Christmas period.  

Thiess brings smiles to families in need in Mongolia

These gifts are an extension of the Thiess Care community project, launched in October 2021, that provides much needed care packs of nutritious food and vitamins to families in need within the region.  

Books, stationary and educative games were among the gifts shared to children who are isolated from schools and libraries as a result of financial stress and lack of infrastructure in their villages.  

Thiess’ ongoing support to these villages is in response to continued COVID-19 restrictions and mining operation closures that has caused significant economic downturn and loss of jobs. Many families are struggling to gain access to Government aids and food programs. 

Batkhuu Tserenbyambaa, Community and Government Relations Manager, along with Vyenera Shyndaulyet, Communications Officer, visited the children at Tsogettsetsii soum to support the initiative.  

“We wanted to gift these children with items they don’t have access to, such as books and stationery that encourage education,” Vyenyera said.  

“Seeing the smiles and happy faces on the children was heart-warming. Through visiting the Soum, we were able to witness first-hand the harsh living situations these families are experiencing, and to see how our Thiess Care program is providing lasting benefits.”  

Understanding and supporting the needs of the communities where we live and work is a key focus for Thiess to create lasting value.