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Thiess launches standalone rehabilitation business - Thiess Rehabilitation

Having delivered award winning rehabilitation programs globally for more than 30 years, Thiess has launched a new standalone rehabilitation business to the market, Thiess Rehabilitation.  

Thiess launches standalone rehabilitation business - Thiess Rehabilitation

The new business covers the full lifecycle of mine rehabilitation services, from design to development to delivery, including helping clients achieve superior end land use results with positive environmental, social and governance outcomes.  

Thiess Executive Chairman & CEO Michael Wright said “This is a significant milestone for our business, advancing our commitment to be a trusted partner in sustainable mining operations.  

“Through Thiess Rehabilitation, we’re able to open up new business opportunities and increase the value of the service we offer clients, using technology and sustainability principles to assist them in achieving their own sustainability objectives.”  

The team will bring a unique offer to the market in areas such as rehabilitation technology and autonomy, construction optimisation, regulatory insight, and highly practical local engagement programs.  

“Autonomy and high-precision drones are some of the ways technology is transforming mine rehabilitation, offering value across the whole rehabilitation lifecycle,” Michael said.  

“For clients, it means important safety and sustainability benefits, time and cost savings, effective management of risk, and the ability to demonstrate tangible social value.”  

Thiess Rehabilitation’s comprehensive, tailored services are equally applicable to mine sites of all sizes, commodities and lifecycle stages, including progressive mine rehabilitation, mine closure and infrastructure removal, abandoned mines and contaminated land requirements.  

Learn more at www.thiessrehabilitation.com


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