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Thiess Care delivers joy on Childrens Day in Mongolia

Thiess Care delivers joy on Childrens Day in Mongolia

Children’s Day - celebrated on 1 June - is a public holiday in Mongolia. It promotes children’s rights and welfare and is a time for families and friends to gather together and participate in public events. 

Our Mongolian team delivered gifts and hosted an event with music, dancing, games and cake for the children in the Tavan Tolgoi mining territory as part of our Thiess Care program.

Creating lasting value

Community and Government Relations Manager, Batkhuu Tserenbyambaa, said understanding and supporting the communities where we live, and work is a key focus for Thiess to create lasting value. 

We are proud of the much needed health and medical support, as well as joy and smiles to children in the region, we have been able to provide the community through the Thiess Care Initiative,” said Government and Community Relations Manager, and TKAJV Liasion, Batkhuu Tserenbyambaa.

Supporting communities

Since commencing in Mongolia in 2021, our Thiess Care program has delivered 1400 packages and much needed support services to 200 children.  

Many children who live in the Tavan Tolgoi mining territory are not eligible for basic health checks as they don’t have permanent residency registration in the region. Our team has worked with the Tsogttsetsii Soum (village) hospital to provide health checks, where we were able to diagnose more than 30 children with respiratory health conditions or other serious injuries and refer them to additional support services. 

The team also organised an emergency rescue training session in collaboration with a local fire station, teaching 19 children between the age of 1-12 years how to protect themselves in the event of a fire or emergency. Most of the children involved in the Thiess Care program can’t attend school or kindergarten and don’t have access to this type of training and support.