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Thank you to Stocky and Steve and our Q1 service awardees

Today, we recognise and celebrate our Q1 service award recipients from across our global operations including two team members celebrating 80 years of combined service.

Thank you to Stocky and Steve and our Q1 service awardees

Congratulations to our exceptional people and thank you for your dedication and expertise contributed over many years to our business and our team. 

This month, we’re spotlighting two team members celebrating significant work anniversaries and incredible records of service, Stephen Howell and Paul Stockwell.
Stephen Howell has been with Thiess for an exceptional 45 years.

In celebration of Paul Stockwell’s 35-year milestone with Thiess, we share his reflections on his career and his fondest moments at Thiess.

From apprentice to manager 

I started my career at Thiess as an apprentice diesel fitter at the Townsville workshop. At the time, Thiess was operating across civil, construction and mining projects so I was able to learn a lot across all these areas.

After I finished my apprenticeship, I travelled to countless projects across Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and even the Torres Strait Islands, to gain experience.

I worked in Maintenance and Operation manager roles across projects including the Parapurdoo Iron Ore mine site in Western Australia, the Royal Australian Air Force base Pearce in Perth and also some dam and mining projects in the Bowen Basin and Lake Vermont.

I currently work as a Lead Operational Compliance Manager at TAHO, where I work with tyre specialists to ensure tyre safety and compliance across our Australian operations.

Highlights, challenges and learning

There have been many proud moments over my career at Thiess. One that stands out for me was introducing the first 797F Caterpillar dump trucks to our Australian operations – the first Thiess has owned. 

There have been many challenges too. I’ve been involved in dragline shutdowns for client-owned draglines (a large single bucket excavator used to remove the overburden in open cut coal mines), which is not something we regularly do Thiess. I also gained some underground mining experience – although I wouldn’t call myself an ‘underground miner’ but I’m thankful for the opportunity to try something new.

Teammates for life

There are many reasons why I like working for Thiess and have spent my whole career working here, but the main reason is the people I’ve met along the way.

Thiess attracts good people across all areas of mining, civil and construction and I’ve always been able to easily find friends in all my roles and the locations I have worked.

Looking to the future

It’s an exciting time for Thiess – the world is changing, and Thiess is changing with it. 

I look forward to continuing my career at Thiess under Michael’s direction and look to diversifying our commodities.